Ring die chicken feed pellet machine

Ring die chicken feed pellet machine is suitable for producing chicken feed pellets, poultry feed pellets, wood pellets, animal feed pellets. The capacity is 1t/h, 2t/h, 3t/h, 5t/h, 10t/h and 20t/h
ring die chicken feed pellet machine
Ring die pellet machine features
1.The ring diehas a wide cylindrical shape and is mounted vertically, rather than flat and is mounted vertically
2.Adopts mature technology to make high quality animal feed pellet with large-scale production
3.It mainly consists of feeding device, hardening and tempering device, conditioner device, press chamber transmission system, overload protection and electric control system. 
4.Featured with high throughput, nice pellet forming shape, high density and low consumption, ring die feed pellet mill is widely adopted in most large scale feed pellet production line. 
5.Ring die pellet mill adopt three layer jacket conditioner, the material can be fully cooked, meet special needs and ensure quality of final aquatic feed.
6.Main driving adopts high precision gear transmission , the capacity can be improved about 20% compared to the belt transmission, and with low energy-consumption.
7.Multiple aperture ring die for choice, excellent craft of ring die with long service life to make smooth and high quality aquatic feed pellets.
How the chicken feed pellet mill Works

chicken pellet mill work

Applications of the ring die pellet press machine
1. It can not only produce various kinds of high quality feed pellets for fish, eel, shrimp, crab, loach, bullfrog, etc, and can produce many kinds of pet feeds for cat, dog, rabbit and etc.
2. Common raw material can all be processed into aquatic feed pellets: rice dust, mustard cake, wheat chaff, maize, cotton seeds, fish powder, bone powder, innards and so on.
Working Principle of Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill
The feed ingredients run through feeder into conditioner and are mixed in the conditioner with hot steam, then they go into the pelletizing chamber through blanking taper slot. By scraper the powder material enters into the pelletizing zone. And then the material will be pressed by ring die and rollers into pellets. The pellets are discharged from the die hole and cut into the requested size by the cutter.

Chicken feed pellet machine main technical data:
Model Capacity Voltage Power(KW) Dimension(mm)
SZLH250 1-2T 380V 11/22 2258*1451*1366
SZLH320 2-4T 380V 37 2300*1500*1850
SZLH350 2-6T 380V 55 2400*1200*2200
SZLH400 3-8T 380V 90 2600*1250*2300
SZLH420 4-12T 380V 110 3100*1250*2400
SZLH508 4-18T 380V 132 3100*1300*2550

Ring die chicken feed pellet mill

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