Flat die chicken feed pellet making machine

Advantages of chicken feed pellet making machine
1.The poultry feed mill has simple structure, wide adaptability, small footprint and low noise.
2.The moisture of pellets for granulating materials is much less, more suitable for storage.
3.Chicken, ducks, fish, mixed powder feed to get higher than economic benefits.
4.Dry-processing, the production of feed pellet hardness and high, the surface is smooth, internal improvement, can improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.
5.Poultry feed pellet mill is simple,easy to operate, high cost performance
6.The electric motor for this animal feed pellet mill could be single phase, or 3 phases.
7.For chicken feed pellet mill with flat die design, we have two kinds of driven engine, one is electric motor, the other is diesel engine.

flat die chicken feed pellet mill

Working Principle of Flat die chicken feed pellet making machine
The first design of feed pellet machine to be used was the flat die pellet pellet machine for animal feed
machine, developed at the start of the 20th century to process animal feeds pellet. This design of feed pellet machine was based on a vertical design, where material fell onto a roller section sat on the surface of a horizontally mounted die. Material was then compressed through the die, and pellets fell from the bottom of the die.
Animal feed pellet production line adopted PLC control, So the manufacturing process will be controlled and monitored by our advanced computer controlling system. The control center is collected in accordance with the actual value and the current settings for contrast, which will ensure the stability of the whole processing in order to give full play to the pellet plant production capacity and to prevent plugging.

Flat die chicken feed pellet making machine
Flat die pellet mill mian technical data
Model Capacity Power Pellet   Size Weight Dimension
LIMA-KLJ100 100KG/H 3KW 4-6mm 0.05T 1.15*0.3*0.55M
LIMA-KLJ300 300KG/H 7.5KW 4-6mm 0.15T 1.26*0.4*0.65M
LIMA-KLJ500 500KG/H 11KW 4-6mm 0.2T 1.3*0.5*0.85M
LIMA-KLJ700 700KG/H 15KW 4-6mm 0.5T 1.4*0.6*1M
LIMA-KLJ800 800KG/H 22KW 4-8mm 0.57T 1.7*0.6*1.1M
LIMA-KLJ1000 1000KG/H 30KW 4-8mm 0.75T 1.86*0.67*1.6M
LIMA-KLJ4000 4-18T/H 117KW 4-12mm 2.45T 3.123*1.05*2.915M

Animal Feed Pellet Machine can produce feed pellets with rich nutrition, good palatability and high digestibility. We can offer the poultry feed pellet production line with 1-2t/h,2-3t/h,3-5t/h,6-8t/h,and 8-10t/h,or customize production capacity as per your requirement.

Application of animal feed pelletizer Machine
1.used in small, medium or large poultry farm
2.also can be used at home
3.This kind of feed pellet machine is mainly used to make animal feed like chicken food pellet,duck food pellet, fish feed pellet,sheep feed ,and so on.
4.raw materials can be alfalfa,grass meal,straw meal,corn meal,rice husk and so on
Flat die chicken feed pellet making machine
Flat die animal feed pellet making machine is for small-scale production of animal and poultry feed pellets, grain feed factory, animal farm, poultry farm. The raw materials are easy to obtain, like corn, maize, wheat bran, rice, and beans. This machine can be powered by electricty or diesel. Driven by electric motor makes it more energy-saving and environmental friendly; driven by a diesel engine, the diesel flat die pellet mill can run smoothly and with few noises, especially popular in the electricity lacking areas.


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