Floating fish feed pellet production line

Floating fish feed pellet machine for small farm
Crusher - Mixer - Floating fish feed pellet machine - Seasong machine - Cooling machine

Stainless Steel Floating Fish Feed Pellet Production Line
Crusher - Conveyor - Extruder - Conveyor - Dryer - Conveyor - Seasoning machine - Cooling machine

Industry Floating Fish Feed Pellet Production Line Elevator - Crusher hopper - Crusher - Elevator - Mixer - Elevator - Fish feed extruder - Airflow conveyor - Seasoning machine - Packing machine

Normal floating fish feed pellet production line
Crusher--Screw Conveyor--Mixer--Screw Conveyor--Floating Fish Feed Making Machine--Air Conveyor--Dryer--Air Conveyor--Seasoning Machine--Air Conveyor--Packing Machine

Floating fish feed pellet production line includes crushing & mixing system, pelleting system, cooling system, steam boiler system and electric control Cabinet and screener.

Fish feed production line adopts dry wet single screw fish feed extruder to complete the whole puffing processof aquatic feed pellets, which is used for small scale fish farmsthat have lower requirement on the processing technique and output.

Application:single screw fish feed plant is mainly applied to produce floating pelletsfor small & medium-sized fish farms/ponds (If the pellets of feed can float, it usually means that the ingredients have been cooked). 

Formulation of Catfish Feed:
Processed feeds are formulated to meet basic nutritional requirements of fish. Giving feed of the correct nutritional quality for the specified age of fish to supply with proper vitamins and minerals:
fish meal 50%, peanut bran 20%, corn powder10%, sweet potato powder 20%, Vitamin 2%. This formulation is to feed the young catfish.
dried silkworm chrysalis meal 30%, fish meal 10%. Peanut bran 15%, sweet potato powder 23%, eggs 20%, Vitamin and others 2%. This formuation is to feed the young catfish.
fish meal 30-35%, bean cake 9%, sweer potato powder: 1%, wheat flour 10%, raemz ramz 45-50%. This formulation is to feed the big catfish and other food fish.
PS:as different species have different nutritional requirements, the formulation is for reference only. Only with correct formulation and quality machines can commercial pond farmers produce nutritionally complete diets (pellets).

Process: Generally, aquatic feeds should be ground, sifted, screened, mixed, extruded, coloured and flavoured.
Small Fish feed production line, we can conclude the whole process as:
Elevator fish feed raw materials crushing (the ingredients used in the feed should be finely ground) ¡ª dust collection (the feed must be without fines or dust) ¡ª Elevator ¡ª mixing ¡ª extrusion (pellets should be firm with a water stability of at least 30 minutes)¨C drying ¡ª seasoning¡ª cooling ¡ª finished products packing.

Bucket elevator:it can prevent dust explosion effectively safety

Fish feed crusher:mainly used to crush grain feed (corn,soybean,etc) and crush rice husk,corn cob, straw pieces,and wood chips,etc.

Dust collect machine:the feed must be without fines or dust

Fish feed mixer: it very suitable to produce powder/mash feed for laying hens,low invest,crush thoroughly, stir well, free to adjust the raw material mix proportion.

Fish Feed Pellet Extruder:Wet fish feed machine is widely used for making feed stuff for all kinds of fish.

Fish feed Dryer:The machine used in drying food and animal feed pellet ,the high temperature make raw material on stainless steel belt recycling drying.

Fish feed Cooler:SKLN series counter-flow cooler is suitable for cooling various kinds of pellets such as pelleted feed, expanded feeds , extruded feeds and flake feeds, etc.

Fish feed pellet packaging machine: feed that is going to be sold or stored for a longer period must be bagged (5kg-25kg/bag, usually) in sealed plastic or paper bags with proper labelling.

Fish feed production line is normally used for small scale or large scale farm or home use.

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