Stainless Steel Double Screw Fish Feed Extruder

Double screw floating fish feed extruder for making floating fish feed pellets, is designed to produce feed that meets the nutritional requirements of fish and other aquatic animals, with precise size.

Fish meal is the main protein source in aquafeed, but supply is limited, which means that alternative sources must be used. From a processing point of view, extrusion is the most efficient way of turning plant protein into fish feed. Twin screw extruders offer a definite advantage in this.

fish feed extruder

Thereby twin screw extruder is often used to produce value-added feed pellets in the high demanding aquaculture. All in all, single screw extruders are more practical to operate than twin-screw extruders, while twin screw extruders are more advanced and more extensive use of performance than single screw extruders.

Stainless Steel Double Screw Fish Feed Extruder consists of feeding system, extruding system, peeling systems, heating system, transmission system, and control system. By employing advanced screw extrusion technology, it is widely preferred in fish farms and fish feed processing plants.

Finish curing and extrusion molding the feed materials by the application of high temperature and high pressure.

The host machine is with frequency control to ensure the stability of the production process, and the final product can be varied according to production requirements.

Fish Feed Extruder

Double screw floating fish feed extruder main data

Input Voltage 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Installed Capacity 35KW 65KW
Power Consumption 22KW 55KW
Output 100-150Kg/h 700-1000Kg/h
Size 2.5×0.8×1.8m 6.5×3.2×3.3m

Other Models with Output
Ouput 150-200kg/h 200-300kg/h 500-600kg/h 1000-1500kg/h

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