Farm-use Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill with Simple Structure and Reasonable Price

Farm-use Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill Introduction
This kind of ring die feed pellet mill is designed and manufactured according to our investigation on the existing feed pellet machines abroad. It can meet the different customers’ requirements on feed pellet, especially the requests for high hardness and density of feed pellet.

Farm-use Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill Features
1.The feed pellet produced by this machine has moderate temp rise; keeps the micro-elements in the raw materials well; has good palatability which increases animals’ feed intake; helps digesting and absorbing various nutrition; has uniform texture, neat shape and smooth surface.
2.The diameter of the feed pellet can be adjusted from 1.5mm to 6mm by switching the die, and the length can be adjusted from 5mm to 20mm.
3.The feed quality of high density is good for store and transportation; suitable for different livestock during different growing period.
4.The produced fish feed pellet can avoid water quality pollution, and the pellet can be kept in the water for a long time, which improves feed use ratio.
5.This machine can be applied to process various kinds of raw materials and to produce the complete formula feed of different requirements.
6.This feed pelletizer can be utilized both for processing powder feed with low moisture content and fresh feed with high moisture content.
7.Simple structure, low maintenance cost and reasonable price.

Farm-use Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill ApplicationThis ring die feed pellet mill is widely used in medium and small scale aquaculture plants, grain feed industries, livestock farms, poultry farms and individual farms.

Two Types of Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill Comparison-Farm Use and Industrial Use
1.The farm-use ring die feed pellet mill has the same excellent properties with other ring die feed pellet machines to produce high-quality pellets, but it can meet small yield needs.
2.The farm-use one is suitable for medium/small scale feed processing or livestock production business or individual business with relatively small capacity demands, and the industrial-use one is for large scale or industrial application.
3.The farm-use one has simpler structure, lower price and maintenance cost than the industrial-use one, so it is a good choice for users that have limited investment budget.
4.The pellet produced by the farm-use one has a diameter of 1.5-12mm, and the pellet produced by the industrial-use one is 2-10mm, so the farm-use one can meet a wide requirement on pellet size.
5.The farm-use one can be applied for making powder feed of low moisture content and fresh feed of high moisture content.

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