Industrial-use Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill

Industrial-use Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill Introduction
Ring Die Animal Feed Pellet Mill adopts mature technology to make high quality animal feed pellets for chicken, cattle,horse,duck etc with large-scale production. Based on the outstanding features of its high throughput, low consumption and mature technology, ring die feed pellet mill has become more and more popular and possess broad market share at home and abroad. It is an ideal equipment for animal and poultry breeding in grain feed factory, livestock farm, poultry farm, individual farmers, feed processing industry, etc.

Industrial-use Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill Main Structure
Animal Feed Pellet Mill mainly consists of feeding device, hardening and tempering device, conditioner device, press chamber transmission system, overload protection and electric control system.

Industrial-use Ring Die Animal Feed Pellet Mill Superiorities
* Widely used equipment with mature technology.
* Driven by high precision gear transmission system which ensures high productivity(about 20% higher than belt transmission) and low energy consumption.
* Using imported SKF bearings & NAK oil seals to get better transmission performance, stable operation and less noise.
* Feeding device adopts frequency conversion speed regulating motor to guarantee the particles quality.* Multiple aperture ring die for choice, excellent craft of ring die with long service life to make smooth and high quality aquatic feed pellets.
* The international advanced compensation type spring coupling device is of novel and compact structure, safety, reliable, and low failure rate.
*Overload protection and electrical control system to ensure normal operation.
* Extra large conditioner and jacket conditioner can be chosen to meet clients’ special requirements to enhance particles tempering and hardening effects.
* Compared with flat die pellet mill, ring die pellet mill is more efficient and suitable for large scale production of animal feed pellets.

Animal Feed Pellets Raw Materials RequiredThe materials can be corn, maize, wheat bran, rice, beans, leftover, etc.

Tips & Warnings of Industrial-use Ring Die Animal Feed Pellet Mill1. Take the relevant factors as a comprehensive consideration including: demand, capacity, cost, raw materials, etc while purchasing a pellet mill.2. Right operation and maintenance is the key to extend the service life of pellet mills, so proper maintenance and repair must be carried out to achieve high product output, low consumption and increasing corporate profits.3. It’s significant to choose right materials used in pellet production line because different material has different characteristic, surely their pellet features will be different.

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