combined feed grinder and mixer machine

This feed crusher and mixer machine is combined into one which is mainly used for crushing and mixing at one time all kinds of dry animal feed. Screw conveyor, crusher and mixer are concentrated in one, so it occupy a small place and easy to install and carry. And the feed crusher and mixer can absorb the raw material by itself The vertical feed crushing mixer, which takes small area is suitable for producing all-around nutrition feedstock. The output is from 250kg-1000kg/time,the feed grinder mixer machine is a whole processing equipment combined with the function of crushing and mixing. the feed grinder mixer machine is suitable for the small farm and feed factory. The feed grinder machine adopts the structures of rotary and throwing out to make the material billow up and down, move left and right,because it combines crusher with mixer,so the feed crusher mixer can make up a simple small pellet production plant with feed pellet mill

combined feed grinder and mixer machine specifications
Type Capacity Power Size Weight
9FH-500 0.5~0.75 7.5kw+3kw 2.3×1.05×2.5m 230 kg
9FH-750 0.75~1.0 11kw+3kw 2.35×1.16×2.6m 260 kg
9FH-1000 1.0~1.25 11kw+3kw 2.4×1.3×2.9m 320 kg
9FH-1500 1.25~1.5 11kw+4kw 2.65×1.45×3.0m 380 kg
9FH-2000 1.5~2.0 15kw+4kw 2.8×1.75×3.1m 430 kg

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