9HSZ series Stainless Steel Double-Shaft Paddle Mixer

Stainless steel material manufacturing.

It adopts three rows of chain transmission, stable operation, low noise, long service life.

The mixing chamber to increase the design, the biaxial paddle rotor, good mixing effect. The top is provided with

a spraying system, which can effectively improve the atomization effect of the liquid and prevent the agglomeration.

The mixing time is short (30 to 90 seconds per batch), mixing uniformity variation coefficient is less than 5%.

The full-length double doors, open angle, discharge rapidly, less residual.

Specially the shaft ends and the door sealing structure, good sealing, ensure no leakage.

It is widely used in mixed feed, food, chemical, medicine and other industries in powder, granular, flake, lump material.

Model Matching power (kw) Production (kg/ batch) Exterior dimension (mm)
9HSZ 1 11 500 2200*2000*1600
9HSZ 2 18.5 1000 2650*2300*1700
9HSZ 4 37 2000 3300*2800*2500

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