SZLP series Grass Pellet Mill

This machine can be used for granulation of rice husk, wheat straw, cotton stalk, sawdust, wood chips, palm

shell, sunflower, olive residue, bagasse and other raw materials.

Double motor drive system with the ideal transmission ratio, large driving torque, smooth transmission.

The VVVF (electromagnetic speed) feeding, is equipped with overload protection device, a magnetic plate iron removing device.

The high yield, low noise, convenient operation and maintenance.

The main parts of the bearings and the standard parts are imported.

With 0.6-12mm, a variety of ring die size and thickness, the user can choose according to different needs.

Model Matching power (kw) Feeder power (kw) Modulator power (kw) Forced feeding device of power (kw) Particle size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Exterior dimension (mm)
SZLP 250 22 0.75 2.2 0.75 6-12 0.1-0.5 2200*1400*1600
SZLP 320 37/44 1.5 3 0.75 6-12 0.3-1 2400*1500*1800

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