SPH series Raw Material Extruder (wet type)

Product Feature:

1. We configure a variety of extrusion screw and pressure ring, can adjust the configuration according to different materials, to achieve the best state of expansion.

2. Three kinds of discharge modes using single hole, multi hole and ring gap, can produce different shapes of products.

3. The extrusion screw and pressure ring wearing parts are made of wear-resistant alloy steel by special processing technology, the service life is 5 times more than ordinary materials, greatly reduce the cost of equipment operation.

4. The feeding device adopts a variable pitch screw, no knot arch, homogeneity.

5. The feeder is driven by the inverter, easy to adjust the volume of feed.

6. Integral casting of bearing box and high precision boring machine, Coaxial degree and concentric degree are better, more stable operation of the device.

7. Using the imported NSK bearings with oil lubrication and oil cooling system, the service life of the bearing is increased by 3-5 times.

Application effect:

1. The soybean after extrusion, urine enzyme activity index UA value is less than or equal to 0.2.

2. The corn after extrusion, starch gelatinization degree can reach more than 98%.

3. The cottonseed extrusion, the detoxification rate can reach more than 95%.

4. The rice bran extrusion, can effectively inhibit the activity of lipase in rice bran, the destruction of fat layer structure, process requirements to the preservation of rice bran passivation.

Technical Parameter:

Model Host power (kw) Capacity(t/h) Note
Soybean Corn The actual yield and the quality of raw materials, water, steam quality and product maturity related.
SPH80-S 7.5/15/18.5 200-400 75-200
SPH100-S 22/30/37/45 500-1000 200-600
SPH135-S 55/75/90 900-1800 600-1000
SPH160-S 90/110 1500-2500 1000-1800
SPH200-S 110/132/160 2200-3500 1500-2500

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