SCQY series pellet precleaner

The good cleaning effect, high cleaning efficiency: remove sundries for large size efficiency is more than 99%,

full of a material or intact net material does not contain large impurities in.

It is mainly used to remove large impurities, such as straw, straw, hemp rope, paper, clods, corn leaves, waste

and other similar Corn Cob.

Sieve tube is divided into feeding section and the discharging sieve,choosing different mesh combination, to

achieve the ideal effect of screen.

The small power, high yield, stable and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and replacement of screen, compact structure, small occupied space.

Widely used in feed, flour, rice, granaries and other food and chemical industry raw materials and accessories for

the pre cleaning process.

The patent product, patent number: ZL 201320302953.4

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