SFSD78 series Wet Materials Hammer mill for grain


Using for corn straw, brromcorn straw, rice straw, peanut vine,bean stalk, whichis is large moisture contents crops, and also for kinds of the leaf, twig,vegetables.

Working principles & Characteristics

The machine is made of steel plate welded together,The motor is set on the same base with the rotor, direct drive

by the pin coupling.

The rotor is dynamic balancing,and can work in reverse,Inlet are on the top of the machine, could cooperate with kinds of the feed devices.The blades are arranged symmetrically, built-in vabrition sieve, internal rotor, wide

operating door,flexible screen press unit.

The materials fill from the top inlet through the feed device, going in to the crushing champer from left or right side

by the guide plate,they will be chopped by the high-speed rotating blades,and being discharged from the sieve apertures by the centrifugal force air.

Technical Parameter:

Model Rotor diameter (mm) Hammer piece Crushing chamber width (mm) Blade line speed (m/s) Motor power (kw) Size (L * W * H)
SFSD78*60 780 144 600 121 55-75 2700*1400*1689
SFSD78*80 780 216 800 121 90-110 2900*1400*1690
SFSD78*100 780 270 1000 121 132 3150*1400*1691
SFSD78*125 780 342 1250 121 160 3450*1400*1690

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