How to Select the Address of Wood Pellet Plant?

As a promising investment project, wood pellet manufacturing is getting more and more people’s attention. There are some factors we should take into concern when selecting place for wood pellet plant.

Pellet production line should be place nearby traffic arteries and abundant biomass materials. It can not only reduce the costs for transportation, but also make the selling of the pellet easy and convenient.The ground should be spacious, flat, tough, and strong, with low underground water level. The place needs has well ventilated too.Place the pellet making plant close to the village, so that to solute the labor force problem.The pellet plant should be far away from the residential area and the factory which discharge harmful dust, poisonous and flammable gas.It is suggested to make the most use of idly field or wasteland to reduce the cost for place.Take fire prevention into account when choose place for biomass pellet plant. It should be close to water resources. And this can also support the pellet production.The place should be up the standard of hygiene request.

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