Coal/Charcoal Briquette Plant

Why Choose LIMA Briquette Plant / Line?

No.1 market share in China, more than 170 pellet & briquette plant projects built in around the world. Convenient for your on-site investigation.10 patents innovation technology guarantees the quality of every equipment of the plant for customers.The capacity can reach up to 150,000T/Year.All-around after sale service and increadible price.

Suitable Raw Mateials:

Coal / Charcoal Coke / Lime Powder;Carbon black;Mineral powder including manganese ore dust, nickel power, silicon carbide, etc;

Coal Briquetting Process
A complete coal briquetting production line generally includes 7 procedures: material conveying, crushing, feeding, mixing, briquetting or moulding and drying. Equipment for each procedure should be chosed depending on the producitivity of the plant and your specific situations. If you buy from LIMA, we can help you make a perfect and customized briquette plan.

Details of Coal Briquette Plant

Belt Conveyor Crusher Feeder Machine

Widely used for conveying granular and powder materials including sand, cement, fertilizer, coal, charcoal, coke and mineral materials.

Transport bulk density less than 1.67 t/m3.Temperature of transported material should be less than 60 鈩?The length of the conveyor can be customized.

Used for crushing coal materials into small pieces. This is a hot sale verticla complex crusher. It can process stone, lime, coke, charcoal, coal and such kind of materials.

Smart structure and easy operation and maintain, etc;Low energy consumption;High and cubic crushing ratio;Steady running;

After crushing, the materials will be transport to feeder machine. In coal briquette processing plant, feeder is used for storaging the crushed raw material like the silo, but this strorage is temporarily to guarantee adequate and continuous material feeding into the mixer.

Mixer Coal Briquette Machine Dryer

Mixer is used to mix coal material with water or binder. It is designed to discharge mixed materials automatically without manual help.

Briquetting is the key part of coal briquett production. With a good briquette machine, the coal materials will be pressed into smooth, strong and density coal briquettes. Choose differen moulds to make different shapes of briquettes.

Used for drying coal briquettes produced by briquette maker to appropriate moistrue content. The drying medium is hot air.

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