Biofuel and Biomass Pellet Mill Development in China

Reported from China& Japan Biofuel Seminar in Beijing on 2013 November 8th: Since the second generation of biofuel technology is still not mature, Chinese biofuel should give priority to the commercialization of 1.5 generation biofuel product.

Qin Shiping, researcher of NDRC Energy Research Institute said, the development of biomass fuel has a priority over other kind of energy. But now, the 2 generation of biofuel is still in the research stage. Combined with the actual situation of China, We should make full use of non-food crop cassava, sweet sorghum as an alternative of 2 generation biofuel, namely the 1.5 generation bio fuel ethanol.

In the research and application of the 1.5 generation biofuels, China has no commercial production. But we have made great breakthrough in terms of research.

Director of International Cooperation Department of Chinese petroleum and Chemical Industry, Pang Guanglian said, China has achieved a major breakthrough in the development of advanced biomass fuel technology. Our ethanol continuous fermentation solid production technic is in the leading position of world. Relevant projects are under steadily construction. Many cases have proved that making ethanol from starch or cellulose materials is feasible, but the cost is high and the amount of waste water is huge. And this disadvantages impact the development of its commercial production. 

Qin Shiping said, in order to speed up the development of biofuel and biomass pellet mill industry and meet the demand for biomass pellets, China is building project of non-grain raw material base and biomass pellet plant. Till 2015, our country will build 5200000 hectares of wood energy forest base, 500000 acres of sweet sorghum, 8000000 acres of cassava crop and 300000 acres of non-grain energy crop.

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