What is Flat Die Pellet Press machine?

Welcome to ABC machinery. There are so many people searching the flat die pellet press on Google every day. So what is the flat die pellet press? If you want to learn more information about the flat die pellet machine, here is your right place to start.

Introduction of the Flat Die Pellet Press

The pellet press, which is designed in the early 20th century, is widely used to process the redundant and abandoned biomass materials into biomass pellets. There are main kinds of pellete presses. One is for making bio-fuel pellets, named wood pellet press, and the other is feed pellet mill which is designed to process feed pellets for livestock such as cattle, pig, chicken, etc. As the name implies, the pellet mill die is flat comparing with the ring die pellet presses. It belongs to small pellet press. When the flat die pellet machinery appeared, it is so extensively popular by almost all farms and factories. The situation that processing the woods or straw into pellets manually is a waste of time and low efficiency is obviously improved. So the emergence of the pellet press machine is of great significance.

Working Principle of Flat Die Pellet Press

Now the flat die pellet press is popular all over the world. Generally speaking, the flat die pellet mill has two types, including the rotating roller type and the rotating die type. The former one has a stationary die with a rotating roller while the latter has a stationary roller with the rotating die. Adopting vertical principle, the raw materials drops down by its own weight into the pelletizing chamber where they are compressed between the rollers and die to form pellets by going through the die holes.

Features of Our Flat Die Pellet Press

Scientific and reasonable structure design, small land occupying, low noise, high production rate, low power consumption, easy to operate and maintain.Dry in, dry out. The manufactural pellets have high hardness, smooth and even shiny surface, conveniently stockpiling and transporting.The whole machine is casted. Flat die and main shaft are made from 40Cr which is wear-resistant. The service life of roller and die can reach 500hr.Various pellet diameter choices :4锛?锛?锛?0锛?2mm. We acknowledge the size can’t meet every customers’ redundant, and the pellet diameter also can be customized depend on different needs.

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