How to Set Up a Small Scale Biomass Power Plant in South Africa?

This article is about one common case of sawdust briquette production business plan design. The following are the questions and answers between our engineers and one of our client in South Africa. Hope this could give you a clear thought of how to make your own plan for renewable biomass power plant. Whenever you feel interested in knowing more about biomass briquette making process and customized plant design, you are welcome to contact us!

What raw materials are needed in tropical Africa to make charcoal stick and BBQ charcoal? Is it possible to use saw dust from wood cuttings, rice husks,coffee husks,charcoal dust or loggs of wood.
Do you have the technology to set up a small scale biomass power plant?We can provide the technology and some equipments with you. ABC Machinery is specializing in Biomass Energey Machines & Equipments. So,now we would like to recommend you our production line for your power plant: Firstly,you could consider our Hammer Mill(to hammer your different materials),Dry Machine(to dry the material) Pellet Mill or Briquette Machine(to shape the materials). After shaped your materials to Pellets or Briquettes,and then you can used them as fuel for your Power Plant. As you know,the shaped materials can improve the burning efficiency,easy to stack,and very environmental protection as well. So,we strongly hope to cooperate with you to help your power plant project. Please reconsider it !From your explaination,the project seems to be feasible. If you had mailed me earlier, I would have made arrangments to visit your company since Am presently in China, in Zhejiang province. However, my major concern appears to have been addressed since the raw materials can easily be arranged. Cheap wood is easily available and if the need inity to acquire my own land on which we can grow eucalyptus trees which grow relatively fast. I have been thrilled with the idea of a hammer mill which can help to reduce the wood logs to the required size for charcoal making. I would also like to know the cost of complete line of machinery for Biomass power plant. I would also like to kown how much power could initially be produced and whether it can be sufficient to run some industries.We sincerely welcome you visit our company(factory & office). Yes,the project is feasible and efficient for you depend on your local rich materials. Our engineer help you to set up the project. As per your different materials,our enginner suggest you had better choose Mechanical Stamping Biomass Briquette Press.
Our engineer let me tell you that you needn't charcoal making due to your materials,since it will be increasing your costs. While if you insist charcoal making we can also meet your requirements as our engineer said to me. Please check,and let us know your ideas and then we will help you to design the reasonable project.Am basically impressed with your feed back regarding all the project aspects.
Actually, I have interest in most of the machinery that is manufactured by your company. My plan is to start with production of charcoal,fuel rods and biomass power plant. Assuming that the biomass power plant will produce enough power to run other plants,then automatically, a number of plants will be set up. I have alot of interest in the charcoal because it commands a big market domestically so we may sell it to generate an initial income as long as production will be done at a realistic cost. This can help us to pay the initial power bills for the out sourced power. The success of the biomass power plant will be very crucial in the entire project since it will provide a base for subsequent plants to be set up.We were glad to know you are interested in most of our machinery,we are strongly hoping to cooperate with you in following days. As a professional Biomass Energy Machine & Equirpment supplier in China,we have confidence that we could provide you the best technology of the projects with you. 

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