Feed Pellet Line

Application: Large scale feed mill plant / feed factory / cultivation factory; Ideal feed milling production line for high yield and high automation fodder production.

Main Feature: Compact structure / Resonable craft / Convenient installation / Simple operation / Low maintenance cost / Low investment. Feed pellet line which can produce 3000-10000 T powder materials or feed pellets per year. The complete pelletizing process includes raw material receiving, crushing, batching, drying, feed pelleting and packaging. During milling, the nutrition of feed pellets will not lose.

Flowchart of Feed Pellet Milling Production

Feed pellet line is generally consisted of feedstock crumbler, hammer mill, dryer, mixer, feed pellet mill, cooler, packing scales, etc. Tell us your raw material, requirements of capacity and budget for the plant. Then LIMA can design a suitable and specific solution for you. To ensure the success of your business, we will provide detailed solutions including material storage, pretreatment, crushing … pelleting, cooling, packaging and waste disposal.

We supply turnkey solutions of feed production, from project design, process engineering to procurement local manufacturing, installation and debugging, after sales service, and financing (price & cost control). We study every details of the pelleting solution, so that to ensure you get the best feed milling equipment, best service and best plan.

How to Start a Feed Pellet Line?

Feed pellet line/plant is also called feed pellet production line. A complete feed mill plant or feed pellet line generally includes silos for raw material storage, raw material receiving system, first batching system, mixing system, second batching, crushing system, pelletizing system, cooling system and bagging system.

Planning to build an animal feed pellet mill plant? LIMA, a reliable pellet milling equipment manufacturer with years of experiences in fodder feed pelletizing can offer exactly what you want! Here, you can get specific feed pelleting plan for different animals, including cat, dog, turtles, shrimp, fish, ducks, chickens, sheep, pig, cattle and so on. LIMA can also offer solutions for wood pellet making. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more details.

Abroad Projects of LIMA Feed Pellet Milling Plant

G1 Solutions Inc.; CA, USA (90000 ton/year feed mill plant)L.T.D. Caucasus Agro International; Georgia (30000 ton/year feed production)Alhassan Farms; Ghana (30000 ton/year poultry feed milling production)Ngawi K.A.B.; East Jawa, Indonesia (50000 ton/year cattle feed mill line)Hum Huat (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd.; Malaysia (6 ton/year mash feed plant)Al-Taqua Co.; Egypt (30000 ton/year poultry feed mill)PT Jadi Mas; Indonesia (30000 ton/year compost pellet mill)Emman Farming Enterprises Limited; Zambia (90000 ton/year cattle feed mill)


Feed Pellets Vs Feed Mash and Traditional Foddor

Feed Mash Feed Pellets Extruded Feed Pellets Crumbled Feed

Compared with feed mash or traditional fodder, feed pellets are clearer, healthier and more convenient to transport. Feed pellets can provide condensed nutrition for livestock. Due to these advantages, feed pellet milling is getting more and more popular in recent years. LIMA Feed Machinery can make durable fodder pellets with a lustrous surface for you!

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