Pellet Press Machinery

Welcome to ABC Machinery, and we focus on pellet press machinery from pony / mini / small pellet mills to commercial pellet production line. The equipment we have been marketing since 2004 is designed and manufactured here in the China. If the following pellet press machines are not suitable for your investment project for any reason.

Build A Mini Pellet Press Plant

This mini pellet press plant is similar to containerise pellet mill unit, which is compact and movable. It is disigned with roller turned flat die pellet mill. The equipment of crushing, conveying, mixing, sieving, pelletizing, are all mounted on one flat plate. The plate can be fixed on a platform truck or flat bed trailer to make the whole plant more convinient to move around.

What is the output of your pellet press machineries for sale?

We market all pellet presses, both small scale and large scale machinery. We have lots of clients and successful pellet press plants all over the world. Directing at the different situation of various customers, we will adjust them to choose the suited pellet press mill which can meet the requirement and help them save the cost as much as possible. For instance for research such as lab testing and training before investment in a pellet plant we think a mini pellet mill is the best.

The mini pellet press plant will produce between 500 kg/h and 1ton/h depending on the raw material being processed. For some larger production requirements, we also help them start a industrial pellet press line and the production of that can range from several tons to several dozens of tons per hour. To learn more about the equipment please visit our products page.

What are the features of our pellet press machineries for sale?

Wide biomass material range: Almost all kinds of biomass or agricultural residues/wastes can be used to process into pellet such as peanut shells, sawdust, grass, bagasse, wood chips, shell of sunflower seed, rice straw, bamboo powder, etc.


The small/mini/pony pellet press mills or plants are movable.The land of the pellet press lines is designed precisely to avoid wasting.The final pellets are widely used in heating, electricity industries as biofuel and feeds for livestock. The pellet press plans are of high efficiency.The pellet press plants are durable and we can provide the installation service.

Video Introduction of Our Mini Pellet Press Machinery for Sale

View the video below to know more of this mini unit. If you have any questions of want to learn more information, you can send an inquiry and welcome to consultation.

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