Small Wood Pelleting Plant

Wood pelleting plant is one of the very important machienry that any pelletizing factory or company require to make its work easier and efficient. The pellet die is usually a metal part with holes. During pellet production, the die and the roller work against each other to force the feed stock through the metal holes where they are formed into pellets and cut when they extrude out of the pellet die.

Choose Flat Die Type or Ring Die Type Pelletizing Machine?

There are various types of the pelletizing machine. The main ones are the flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. Here in this page we mainly talk about flat die type mill which is the best choice for small to medium pellet production business.

Mobile Mini Pellet Mill for Sale

Application: Making high quality wood fuel or biofuel pellets automatically; Small pellet plant, Mobile biomass pellet line;

Model MPL300
Capacity 250-350kg/h (or 350-450kg/h for ZLSP-400B pellet machine)
Pellet diameter 6-12mm
Power 41.25kw
Size 3500*1960*3500mm
The flat die type pellet plant is ideal for small and medium scale production. The advantage of this machine is that it it easy to operate and maintain yet at the same time it requires less investment.The ring die type mill is usually installed by large scale production firms. The advantages of this type of plant include: high production capacities, durability and low energy consumption. however this type is large, heavy and expensive to establish.

Small Wood Pelleting Equipment Unit

This pellet making equipment unit includes size reduction, pellet extrusion, drying and packaging(optional) in general. We can design the customized pelletizing business plan on small, medium and large scale production. Here in this page we emphatically introduce our small unit.

Everything You Need to Know about Pellet Die

In wood pelleting production, the pellet die design of the main pelletizing equipment is very important. It determines production capacities, quality, operation performance and durability of the plant. The factors that are considered in designing pellet dies include; metal-pellet dies can be made from metals like alloy, stainless steel and chrome-plus stainless steel. However the material used will determine the features and the durability of the plant. For example, alloy is preferably used when pelleting common feeds, stainless steel for corrosive feeds while chrome-plus stainless steel is best used in feeds with strong abrasive and corrosive characters.

The inlet of the die holes which is preferably is usually countersunk into taper shape to allow the feed stock to flow into the die hole.Thickness is another important factor. pellet dies are designed with varied thickness yet the thicker the die, the stronger it is. this thickness comes in two forms; total thickness which is also called overall thickness and effective thickness also referred to as working thickness. On which the pellets are molded. When the pellet die is too deep the biomass will not be well compressed and on the other hand when it is too shallow the holes will be blocked.The other factor is drill pattern. the step-shaped die hole has proved successful and mature design for pellet production particularly those of wood. lt extends the service span for the ring die. Relief depth if the difference between total thickness and effective thickness which improves the strength of the pellet die without disturbing the flowing rate of feed stock.Hole count which is the number of holes on the die disc influences pellet production capacity and durability as such, more holes increases production but lowers the pellet die strength.

When planning for a wood pelleting plant both small scale and large scale, pay more attention to the die of main pellet making machine. It is very important to consider the factors that i have discussed above and not to forget maintenance practices like flushing a new pellet die to improve its effectiveness, oiling it when you have finished production to avoid rusting and unblocking ht hole to make it efficient.

I want both the hammer mill and the pellet mill to work with 380 volt.
The pieces of wood that hammer mil will break,will be 3-4cm
The production of pellet i want is 150-200 per hour.
I would like you to give me an offer for both machines, all set to work without me having to put anything together.
I would like you to give me a full price including the transportation as well.But please when you send the pepers ,if possible ,don"t write the amount of money because the customs price will be extremely big.
How long will it take to get to Greece.Thanks for your attention on our products.
Please find ou offer as email attachment,please check it.
Regarding the seafreight from Qingdao,China to Thessaloniki, Greece. Please add USDUSD150 for the two machines.
Regarding don't write the amount of money. Please explain in adtails. FYI our other clients generally demand we write a low price,or else,i think it also difficult to you to persuade your customs,please comment.

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