Wood Pelletizing Machine

Wood pelleting machine is used to produce wood pellets. A technology that has been adapted by many. There are various reasons why pellet fuel market is rising and the two main leading reasons are:

Price instability and an increase in the cost of fossil fuels.Adverse effects of fossil fuel on the environment.

How wood pelleting machine impact pellet quality?

There are other factors make use of pellets over logs, rise. In logs, the primary source is trees and take time to grow. The pellets are made from different materials and burn more efficiently. There are fewer wastes from pellets regarding ash, smoke, and heat. Pellets moisture content, density, shape, and uniform size depends on the wood pelleting machine. There are two types of pellet mills namely flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill.

The distance between the die template and roller helps to enhance the machine's operation. The two parts are affected by pressure and rust thus wear out quickly if not set correctly. Proper distance between them increases the quality of pellets and machine productivity. You will also have saved money to use in repair and maintenance.

Pellet Roller Rotation Speed

In wood pellet production, the rate of compression affects quality. Some materials require high speed while other low speed. A wood pelleting machine should be controllable to increase quality.

Pellet Die design

In any tool, durability is affected by the material. Different types of metal can be used to make wood mills. Using a proper material will increase the life of the machine and its production.

Temperature of the Pellet Machine

A mill operates by the use of heat. In low temperature, mill’s lignin cannot melt which affects it's functioning. The correct temperature will increase quality while the high temperature will damage the plant's important parts.

Non-stop Refueling System and Air Cooling System

A primary pelletizing machinery source of power is heat. Fuel that produces the heat refuels from a particular system that comes with the machine. As described earlier, high-temperature damage major parts of the mill, so it has an air cooling system to help in minimizing the risk.

Sieves and Packaging

This process is the same as many industrial procedures; hence some products are spoilled. In wood pellet mills, pellets can be broken, so there is the need to be separated from rust. A sieve in this machine helps separate crushed pellets from full ones to avoid packing low-quality pellets


In fuel production, you should choose an approach which is environmental friendly. It is wise to select a way which does not cause harm to both human and nature. A wood pelletizing machine happens to cater for all of the above and becomes the best choice in milling processes. In choosing the type of a pellet machine, consider the quantity of production. Flat die pellet mills are designed for small scale and ring die pellet presses for large scale.

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