ZLSP 150B Feed Mill

Feed Mill Parameters

Type: ZLSP 150B
Driven by: Electric Motor
Power: Three phase 4
Output: 90-120 kg/h
Weight: 95/110 kg
Package Size: 800x450x700
Application: Widely used for making chicken, fish, cattle, poultry, forage and other kinds of animal feed pellets.
Except the PTO feed pellet mill, also produce flat die chicken pellet machine and ring die feed pellet machine.

This feed mill equipment is portability and flexibility. Compared with right die type, this is a flat die pellet mill: smaller in size and lighter in weight. Flat die feed mill is more suitable for individual uses or farmers and it is getting more and more popular in recent years. For farmers, they have sufficient grain materials for feed pellet making and the produced feed pellets can also be used to feed their cattle or chicken.

LIMA feed mill equipment adopts advanced pelleting technology to reduce the wear of die and roller and energy consumption. To adapt the pelleting process of various materials, our feed mill is equipped with double motor belt driving system, which is of simple structure, small occupation and easy operation. Customers can change motor and die to meet different production capacities.
feed pellet mill

How to Make High Quality Chicken Feed Pellets?

There is something you need to know to make high quality chicken feed pellets with this small feed mill equipment. For famers, high quality feed means making the chicken health and help the chicken grow fast. So the key part is choosing the most suitable raw material for pelletizing. Take both cost and nutrition into consideration. After the ingredients are decided, fully mix the ingredients and feed the mixed materials into chicken feed mill.

LIMA supplies feed pellet mill equipment with diesel engine, electric engine, gasoline engine and PTO. If you own a tractor, you can also consider about buying a PTO Feed mill (Tractor Powered). This small scale feed mill can also be used to make feed pellets for sheep, rabbit, pig, etc.

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