ZLSP 120B Feed Mill

Feed Mill Parameters

Type: ZLSP 120B
Driven by: Electric Motor
Power: Three phase 3 / Single phase 2.2
Output: 60-100 kg/h
Weight: 80-100 kg
Package Size: 750x320x680
Application: Widely used for making fish, chicken, cattle, poultry, forage and other kinds of animal feed pellets.

Prospect Feed Production Industry

In recent years, forage feed production industry is developing rapidly. The improvements of feed milling technology and animal feed mill equipment have also brought great changes and chances to our lives. Small feed mill or even mini feed mill is designed to meet the needs of family or individual uses. LIMA Small feed mill is not only portable, but also easy to operate. This new feed mill makes it possible to make feed pellets at home or on your own farm.

You can use this electric machine as fish feed mill, chicken feed pellet mill or cattle feed milling equipment. This small machine can process many kinds of grains into feed pellets. Buy one machine and then you can make the most of wastes grains or food residues and can also save a large budget of forage for your fish, cattle or livestock. Actually, feed pellets contain abundant nutrition and have uniformed size which makes them more suitable for livestock growth. This is also way more and more families, especially farmers prefer to buy a small feed mill and make their own animal feed pellets.

How Electric Feed Mill Works?

Before using this mill to pelleting your raw materials (rice hull, grass, alfalfa, straw, soybean meal etc.), there is something you need to think about. First of all, you should decide which animal you are making these feed pellets for. Different animal have different needs on nutrition and food size. Let’s assume that you want to make fish feed pellets. Then you next step is make a certain recipe. Find suitable ingredients which your fish like and which kinds of material is needed to balance the nutrient for fish. Then, crush the chosen raw materials and mix them very fully, so that to make the feed pellets digestible and palatable. Then your raw materials are well prepared for pelletizing. Start your electric feed mill and add the mixed materials into the machine. During the pelleting process, there will generate a very high temperature and this high temperature will help kill the most harmful bacteria in the raw materials, and the finished fish feed pellets will be healthier.

If you want to make animal feed pellets in the open air or on your farm, diesel driven feed mill may be more convenient. There are both small feed mill and large ring die feed pellet mill for sale . Pick the ring die type if you want to make large scale production of feed pellets.

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