800-1000kg/h Straw Pellet Plant

Brief Introduction of Straw Pellet Fuel
There are a mass of biomass residues from farm land. In general, the pelleted biomass is more friendly to environment and energy-saving; they play an increasingly important role in energy saving and greenhouse emission reduction. Among the various biomass residues, agricultural residues account for a large share. Straw is one common biomass material that we can make use of. As for the straw pellets, which are made from straws (like rice straw, wheat straw, barley straw, corn straws, etc.), are popular among industrial users or individual users for power generation, small-scale residential and industrial heat, etc. Also the straw pellets can be used as horse bedding pellets.

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1. Characteristics of Straw Pellets Fuel
Calorific value 181 MJ/kg -198 MJ/k
Combustion heat 181 MJ/kg
Moisture content 8%
Ash content 7%
Carbon 47%

2. Benefits of Straw Pellets Fuel Making
a) With lower cost Compared to traditional fossil fuels, straw pellets are economically competitive.
b) Environmental friendly Straw pellets do not release poisonous gases during burning. They are more environmentally friendly.
c) With high burn efficiency Straw pellets, as an energy fuel, contain a relatively high amount of volatile ingredients, which make this kind of fuel burn very effectively.
) With abundant raw materials Straw pellets are made from agricultural residues like rice straw, corn straw, barley straw, etc. There are abundant straw residues to be recycled. So, raw materials for straw pellets making is easy to get.

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Steps for Straw Pellet Making
1. Crushing by Hammer Mill Since the straw residues are of larger size and cannot be directly pelletized by pellet press, the collected straws should be ground into small particles first. For this step, our HM500 Hammer Mill is recommended. This hammer mill is able to satisfy your requirement for a capacity of 800-1000kg/h. It can be used to grind various biomass materials into uniform sizes; it shows stable performance; it can be operated easily. So it deserves to be called a best choice for grinding straw residues.

2. Drying by Drying Machine Since the materials should meet the requirement for pelleting, the ground straws should be dried until they are of the desired moisture. Then the dried materials can be pelletized by pellet making machine. This drying machine can be used to dry various biomass materials including alfalfa, straw, sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, bagasse, rice husk, etc. It consumes less energy but provides higher efficiency.

3. Pelleting by Pellet Mill After grinding and drying, the straws shall be pelletized. Our MKLH420 ring die pellet mill performs well on biomass pelleting. It is mainly used for pelleting the ground biomass residues like sawdust, pasture, straw, etc. The models of this series are equipped with ring dies, whose holes are with diameters of 8mm, 10mm and 12mm to meet customers' different demands.

4. Cooling by Pellet Cooling Machine The pelleted straw, i.e. the straw pellets, shall then be cooled by cooling machine. This SKLB2.5 pellet cooling machine is suitable for cooling biomass pellets or briquettes. Due to its design according to counter flow principle, this cooling machine can protect pellets from cracking or breaking. It can be easily operated and maintained. So it is an ideal choice for straw pellets cooling.

5. Weighing & Packing by Pellet Packing Machine When temperature of the straw pellets is reduced by the cooler, the pellets shall then be weighed and packed into uniform bags. Finally, the packed straw pellets can be stored in dry places. The pellet packing machine of this model is suitable for weighing and packing biomass pellets fuel. It is of compact structure and can be easily installed; intelligent control instrument is adopted, making the machine with higher precision and higher efficiency. So it is a good choice for straw pellets packing.

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