Application of Dealership for LIMA Pellet Mill Distribution

As a recognized world known energy machinery manufacture, LIMA has a global presence for it’s pellet mill, mobile pellet plant, briquetting press, etc. We understand that the success of customers relies on only not the product quality, but also service and sales support. LIMA is a team dedicated in working together to ensure clients satisfaction, both for end users and partners. To become a LIMA dealer means to be part of a international company. Our vision and innovation for pellet making machine and other energy machinery suchlike guarantees our partner a stable and ever greening future.

LIMA is passionately looking for dealer partners who are interested in experiencing profit and development in business and pursuing a better tomorrow for human beings, because what we do is small but what we think is big.

Still curious about what it can bring to you for becoming a dealer? Feel free to contact us to know more.

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