Feed Pellet Beneficial for Raising Sheep

Feed pellets have shown significant effect in raising monogastric animals such as ducks, chickens, pigs etc. In recent years sheep husbandry develops prosperously most sheep feeders are inclined to feeding sheep with feed pellets.

Benefits of feed pellets for raising sheep
First, Balanced nutrition and increasing feed intakes.Sheep feed pellets adopt scientific formula based on the nutrition needs of sheep at different growth stages and the nutrition value of feed ingredients, mix a variety of grains evenly and pelletize by special devices. It owns balanced nutrition and can avoid sheep picky about feeds. Feed pellets can increase the reproduction and growth of probiotics in the body, promote the full absorption of nutrients, improve the efficiency of feed utilization and effectively solve the problem of nutrition supply in nutrition negative balance period (winter).

Second, Increase rumen function and effectively prevent digestive tract disease.Sheep feed pellets can ensure the normal rumination, greatly reduce the energy consumption of the ruminating activity, control the pH value of rumen between 6.4 and 6.8 which can promote the rumen microbial activity and the protein synthesis so as to avoid the occurrence of ruminal acidosis and other related diseases.

Third, Increase the growth speed and shorten the sheep inventory cycle.Precisely making nutritional feed pellet formula based on the nutrition needs of sheep at different growth stages can greatly increase the daily weight gain.

Sheep have three periods when feeding them with feed pellets. Sheep belong to ruminants which need several days to digest the feed intakes. During the transitional period sheep are first fed with a small amount of feed pellets then gradually increasing the quantity of feed pellets. After the transitional period sheep are basically fed with feed pellets. In order to further improve the sheep’s palatability to feed and ensure sheep can fully absorb the feed pellet nutrition the preliminary feeding period is necessary for sheep. During the feeding period sheep are totally fed with feed pellets.

High quality feed pellets are assuredly beneficial for sheep growth. The feed pellet mill concerns the feed pellet quality. Our company can supply the top quality feed pellet mills for making sheep feeds pellet. All we do is to supply the first-class feed pellet mill for our customers.

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