Fish and shrimp pellet processing machinery and equipment

In the aquaculture industry, why do the same market environment, some people raise 128 sows to earn 780,000, and some people raise 60 sows but lose 200,000? In fact, if you do anything, you may lose money and win. The same is true for farming. In the past, I talked about “farming around the market, what to do for money”. This concept is not right now. It is possible to make 100% profit by using the right feed processing equipment and feeding the right feed. The use of fish and shrimp pellet feed processing machinery and equipment, good mentality plus equipment, breeding naturally do not need to worry.

Fish and shrimp pellet feeder
Maybe you have heard of granule equipment such as beef and mutton feed machine, pig feed machine, straw granulator, etc. Yes, the same is true for aquaculture processing equipment. The fish and shrimp feed pellet machine is also processed and pressed into various pellets.

The pellet feed fish has less pollution to water quality and facilitates the management of water quality, which is conducive to the improvement of the amount of fish in the water. In particular, the use of this method of fish farming in areas where water sources are more difficult can significantly increase aquaculture production. The pellet feed has a short residence time in water and less nutrient loss, which is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of fish, improving the utilization rate of feed and reducing the feed coefficient. Therefore, it is a good choice to use pellet feed processing machinery to suppress pellets by themselves.
fish feed pellet die

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