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LIMA hammer mills is designed for solving your crushing problems. As a hammer mill manufacture,LIMA has always been excelling himself to provide various models of high quality hammer mill machines with affordable prices to meet different hammering requirements from all walks of life, especially for pellet production business. It is a perfect raw material size reduction equipment working together with a pellet mill. Now our small hammer mills with diesel engine, electrical engine and gasoline engine are one of the best-sellers among the hammer mills for sale in the international market.

Diesel engine hammer mill, Electrical engine hammer mill, Gasoline engine hammer mill

Hammer Mill Working Principles

After being delivered into the crushing chamber, raw material is beaten and crushed by high speed rotating blades. Under centrifugal force the cracked material is crushed quickly due to continuous squeezing, crushing, beating, scrubbing by hammer mill blades. Under rotor centrifugal and fan suction force, crushed particles are discharged through sieve holes while those cannot get through sieve hole will repeat above hammering process till they are discharged through sieve.

Under normal technical conditions, when processing materials such as corn, corn straw, peanut shell, bean straw, branches etc, with the moisture content under 14%


The figures in spec table refer to hammer mill productivity, the unit is kg/h.FSC200-160(old model TFS158) small hammer mill is designed for processing small materials only, such as, corn, peanut shell, soybean cake, etc.; FSC300-200(old model TFS198) hammer mill machine requires the diameter of materials no more than 10mm while other models require the diameter of materials no more than 30mm. The length of all materials should be no longer than 200mm.
1.Dried weed powder 2. Canvass powde 3. Sawdust powder 4.Rice bran powder

Hammer Mill Equipment Installation

This series of hammer mills require spacious work place with good ventilation, enough withdrawal room and reliable fire extinguishing equipment.This series of hammer mills need powder receiving device which can be sorted into 3 types, the powder storage pool, storage bag and storage bin. No matter which device it is, good ventilation must be guaranteed. Otherwise service life and output of hammer mill will be affected.If the engine is prepared by the customer , the belt wheel diameter of electric motor or diesel engine should be calculated well. The specific calculation method is: diameter of engine (electric motor, diesel engine or gasoline engine)=rated revolution speed × belt diameter of hammer mill ÷ rated revolution speed of engine (electric motor, diesel engine or gasoline engine).

Notes: Revolution speed of diesel engine and gasoline engine is calculated as 80% of its rated revolution speed. For example, rated revolution of diesel engine of gasoline engine is 2000r/min, then it is counted as 1600r/min while the rated revolution is 2200r/min, then it is counted as 1760r/min. Over rated revolution may cause machine damage and accident; Lower than rated revolution may cause obvious deduction on productivity.

Hammer Mill Adjustment and Maintenance

The tightness degree can be adjusted by adjusting the placement of engine(electric motor, diesel engine or gasoline engine). The right tightness degree is archived when the belt can be pressed down by hand 10cm or so.Start the hammer on hearing on abnormal sound, then idle the hammer mill for 30 minutes and when the temperature of main shaft is always observed under or around25℃, the hammering machine can be put into service. Otherwise operator should loose the fastening bolts of bearing seat and push the rotor moving several rounds by hands, then tighten the bolts and idle. So repeat in this way for several times till the bearing temperature reaches less than 25℃.After a period time of use, hammer blades sharp end is worn gradually. When the first sharp end is worn , blade can be turned over to use 2, 3, 4 sharp end. To guarantee the rotor balance and avoid vibration, all blades have to be turned over at the same time. 4 worn blades must be replaced in time.When maize is crushed for example, 4 out of the 8 pieces of hammer blades can be removed from axis pin to reduce electricity consumption and increase unit productivity.Sieve mesh removal and assembly: Put the side with burr upwards to avoid sieve mesh blocking.Lubrication Before initial operation, all bearings and other places need be added lubricant grease. Every 4-6 work needs once lithium base grease. Gasoline engine, diesel engine and electric motor follow their manuals to lubricate and maintain.

Hammer Mill Operation - Operation Procedures

Before start, operator should read this manual carefully to learn about hammer mill structure, performance and operation method.Before the start, adjust and maintain hammer mill machine on following manual regulations. At the same time check the tightness of fastening parts and make sure each part is lubricated sufficiently; After securing the safety of hammer mill machine and operator, the machine can be started. Idle the hammer machine for 2-3 minutes on hearing no abnormal sounds, and then feed the raw material. Be sure of working condition is normal before feeding.Feed the material in slow and steady way. Overload feeding is forbidden. Feeding rate can be controlled by adjusting plate. During material blocking at the entrance keep hands away from the feeding port. Hard wood stick force feeding is forbidden.Full storage bag, pool or bin should be discharged in time to avoid air reverse affecting normal working.Fit the sieve mesh with the machine lower body tight to avoid material leakage to affect the crushing quality.Stop and then inspect the machine if there is any abnormal noise during operation. It is forbidden to inspect hammer machine on running.Keep frequent inspection on hammer blades worn degree and cotter pin condition, and replace the worn parts in time on cutting off the power source. Opening the upper body during running is forbidden.After inspection, close the upper body and make sure the upper body be aligned with lower body. Tighten the fixed hand wheel and move the main shaft to make sure the main shaft move flexibly with no bumping, scratching or clashing sound inside the machine.After each shift, idle the machine for 5-10 minutes to suck the material clean and stop the machine. Add lubricating grease to main shaft bearings.

Tips on Running a Hammer Mill

Maintain and adjust the machine according to operation manual before start. Inspect and make sure each fastening part is tightened and the rotation direction is the same with the one it supposed to be and also make sure the upper shell is tightened.Choose right engine according to the revolution speed in technical parameter table if the engine is self-serviced. Over speed running is forbidden to avoid machine damage and human injure.Operator( especially feeding operator) is forbidden to wear long sleeve. Female operator with long hair is supposed to wear hat.Those who are under the age of 16 or over 60, disabled , and those who do not know the machine performance and hammer mill service regulation are forbidden to operate independently.The drunk ,sick or over fatigue operator is forbidden to operate.Keep hands away from feeding port during operation. Naked hand or forced feeding is forbidden during feeding port blocking.The triangle belt cannot be over tight during operation. Otherwise accident may occur to wearing parts due to no buffer when impurities mixing with raw material.During the operation, operator should stand on the stack or high place which is placed 1 meter away on the left or right hand of the hammer mill to avoid hurting by hard things beaten out of the feeder.Metal,stone or other hard objects are forbidden to be fed into the machine during operation. Magnetic protection is required to avoid metal impurity getting into the crushing chamber.Stop the machine immediately if there is any abnormal noise occurs during operation. Cut off the power , check and clean the machine.Protective mesh cover should be added to transition part. At the operation place, ventilation and dust proof should be paid attention to avoid dust accumulation and crushing danger.Electric part should be grounded well if the machine is driven by electric motor.On running the hammer mill is forbidden to be fed directly from bags to insure the safety of operator.Safety mark and arrow indication: Where the arrow points is the direction the rotor runs to.

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