Small Biomass Pellet Plant with Low Cost

small mill plant
Capacity: 50kg/h-1100kg/h
Raw Materials: wood, sawdust, corn stalk, straw and other biomass materials. 
Application: wood fuel pellets or animal feed pellets
Commended user: small farm managers or someone who has requirement on capacity between 50-1100 kg/h.

Why Choose Small Pellet Plant?
Small pellet plant refers to the complete pellet plant has capacity range from 50kh/h to 1100kg/h. As for the application, small pellet plant is used to make wood pellets or animal feed pellets. Generally, small pellet mill is the main equipment of small pellet plant, and flat die pellet mill and small ring die pellet mill are both available.
◆ Compared to small pellet mill: 
As well all know, small pellet mill is an ideal choice for home use. When do you choose small pellet plant instead of small pellet mill? If you just need a pellet machine for making full use of daily wastes and make biomass pellet for home use, small pellet mill will be more suitable. However, small pellet plant is designed for ones who have requirement on building a pelletizing plant with capacity between 50kg/h to 1100kg/h, or small pellet making factories on a tiny budget.
◆ Compared to mobile pellet plant: 
Mobile pellet plant is designed for pellet production with the delicate structure design. The necessary processing equipment is arranged in one piece of complete plant. Mobile pellet plant is more suitable for who has high requirement on automation. Small pellet plant is more flexible to group different equipment according to unique needs.
◆ Compared to complete pellet plant:
The main difference between small pellet plant and large-scale pellet plant is the capacity. Complete pellet plant’s capacity reach 1-20 ton, it is applicable for large-scale pelletizing factory. However, small pellet plant is used to small-scale pellet production.

How To Build Small Pellet Plant 
Before building your small pellet plant, you should learn how to make pellets with small pellet plant. A typical small pellet production includes the following process: Wood raw material processing (chipping, crushing)—drying—pelletizing—cooling—packing and storage. How to build a small pellet plant? 

Components Of Small Pellet Plant
Hammer mill: it is called crusher sometimes, and it is the first process that crushes raw materials largerthan 5mm diameter into proper size, generally 2-5mm diameter. Besides, the size will be different according to specific material.
Dryer: it is used to adjust moisture of raw materials before feed it into pellet mill. In general, the moisture content of raw materials is higher than 12%. The required moisture is decided by the raw materials and uses of pellets. There are different drying machines in the market, air flow dryer is suggested for small pellet plant because of the features like low price and high efficient.
Screw conveyor: it is the equipment for conveying and feeding the biomass materials in to small pellet mill. Manual control type and frequency control type are common types of screw elevator. Frequency type improves the working frequency and avoids uneven feeding. You can choose suitable one according to your needs. 
Small pellet mill: Small pellet machine is the core part of the whole small pellet plant. After crushing and drying, the treated materials are feed into small pellet machine and form the pellets. There are for general types of engine including electric type, diesel type, gasoline type and PTO type, select suitable one as you need. 
Cooler: The pellets are too hot to store them when they come out of pellet machine, its temperature reach up 100 ℃. For ones who are lack of drying platform, cooler helps to cool the pellets and save time and laborObviously, cooler is optional machine in the small pellet plant. It is not necessary for some pellet making factory with lower capacity. If you don’t set a budget on this part, cooling the pellets on the ground is also available. </p>
Packing machine: If you process the pellets for sale, it is necessary to set a packing machine. You can select this part or not according to your requirement. 

Note:This is a complete small pellet plant we mentioned above. In real pellet production line, by the different raw materials, output, budget, we may need various kind of pellet plants. As the leading pellet machine manufacturer in China, LIMA Energy has rich experience in providing custom solution for different needs. It is possible to set up a unique small pellet plant according to the real situation.  
Advantages Of LIMA Small Pellet Plant
Wide applications including wood chip, wood shaving, sawdust, but also agricultural waste and straw, stalk, grass, alfalfa, etc.
It is flexible to group unique small pellet plant as you want.
Low investment and high benefits.

We have built a lot of pellet plants at home and aboard, below is a 600-800 kg/h feed pellet project LIMA makes for one of our clients.
small pellet mill plant

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