Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder

Wet type fish feed extruder is mainly used to produce all kinds of floating or sinking aqua feed for fish, shrimp, eel, bullfrog, etc. It can also be adopted to produce feed pellets for pet, such as dog, cat and so on. Raw materials for this machine can be corn, soybean meal, rice barn, fish meal, rice barn, etc. Sizes of final feed pellets ranges from 0.9 to 15mm. Wet type fish feed extruder is mainly used in medium or large size feed pellet plants and aquaculture farms.

Features of Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder
1.Sizes of the feed pellets can be adjusted according to the customer requirement by changing different molds.
2.Floating pellets made by this wet type fish feed extruder have high quality which can float on the water for more than 12 hours.
3.Raw materials can be fully cooked as the boiler provide hot steam into the conditioner continuously, so the nutritional value of the feed pellets can be improved.
4.Key parts have long service life as they are processed through vacuum quench treatment with high processing precision.
5.Salmonellosis and bacterial infections can be killed during the high temperature and high pressure pelletizing process, which can also make pellets easy to digest and absorb.
6.Operating parts adopt the humanization design which makes the machine easy to operate.

Fish Feed Pellets: Floating Type or Sinking Type?
Commercial fish feed pellets can be divided into two types: floating type and traditional sinking type. Both types can reach satisfactory growth, but some fish species prefer floating type, while others prefer sinking type, both have pros and cons. The floating type has some advantages compared with sinking type. As we have mentioned above, salmonellosis and bacterial infections can be killed during pelletizing process, so it can reduce disease infections. The remains of sinking pellets at the bottom of the tank will often go rot, while floating type can retain its shape for long hours, so floating fish feed pellets can reduce waste. Besides, farmers can observe the feeding intensity and adjust feeding rates accordingly with floating fish feed pellets.

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